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Agric OBJ
(i) Creation of Infrastructure: The development of agriculture requires roads, market yards, storage, transportation railways, postal services and many others for an infrastructure creating demand for industrial products and the development of commercial sector.

(ii) Pre-Requisite for Raw Material: Agricultural advancement is necessary for improving the supply of raw materials for the agro-based industries. Processing of these raw materials helps in manufacturing products for several uses which has a positive impact in a nation’s development

(iii) Provision of Surplus: The progress in agricultural sector provides surplus for increasing the exports of agricultural products. In the earlier stages of development, an increase in the exports earning is more desirable because of the greater strains on the foreign exchange situation needed for the financing of imports of basic and essential capital goods.

(iv) Relief from Shortage of Capital: The development of agricultural sector has minimized the burden of several developed countries who were facing the shortage of foreign capital. Agriculture sector requires less capital for its development thus it minimizes growth problem of foreign capital.

(v) Source of Foreign Exchange for the Country: When the raw material is available in abundance, the country can become a primary exporter of the products and generate a good income. As the international market is very dynamic and since the price of raw material is constantly fluctuating, the developing countries have now started focusing on the export of manufactured foods to increase the percentage of foreign income.

(i) Land tenure system hinders usage of large farm holdings suitable for mechanization
(ii) Inadequate technical manpower to operate or service the implements and machines
(iii) Poverty of farmers
(iv) Scattered farm holdings are also not conducive or economical for mechanisation
(v) Bad topography can hinder agricultural mechanization in Nigeria

(i) Inadequate transport facilities
(ii) Inadequate credit facilities to the farmers
(iii) Land tenure system
(iv) Capital and market
(v) Cost of land

Crop improvement is the process by which humans genetically alter plants to grow larger, faster, and more nutritious food. In other words, crop improvement refers to the ways of developing and breeding of crop varieties which are better than the existing varieties in a number of characters.

(i) To improve the quality of produce.
(ii) To increase crop yield.
(iii) To adapt crops to adverse climatic conditions.
(iv) To induce resistance to pests and diseases in crop plants.
(v)To conserve land resources.

(i) Use of pots
(ii) Use of nylon bags

(i) Land availability
(ii) Farm labour supply
(iii) Availability of infrastructural facilities

(i) Cutting
(ii) Division
(iii) Grafting
(iv) Layering

(i) It leads to both land and air pollutions which affects agriculture production
(ii) Industries are located on land which constitute a huge proportion of urban land

(i) It leads to development of town’s which reduces land available for agriculture purposes
(ii) It leads to more construction of buildings where large proportion of land is used instead

(i) High value of crops are grown
(ii) It makes tillage operation easier
(iii) It improves soil aeration for good root respiration

(i) Hydrolysis
(ii) Carbonation
(iii) Oxidation
(iv) Hydration

(i) Nitrogen
(ii) Phosphorus

(i) Organic matter which is made from carbon helps to replenish soil nutrients
(ii) It provides carbon which is the major building block of all organic matter
(iii) It helps to purify the atmosphere and also maintain the atmospheric level of carbondioxide

Brooding in poultry is defined as the management of chicks from one day old to about 8 weeks of age, and it involves the provision of heat and other necessary care during chicks’ early growing period.

(i) It makes possible the mating of animals with great differences in size without injury to either of the animal.
(ii) It is helpful to inseminate the animals that refuse to stand or accept the male at the time of oestrum.
(iii) It helps in maintaining the accurate breeding and cawing records.
(iv) It increases the rate of conception

(i) Rotational grazing
(ii) Reseeding
(iii) Controlled stocking
(iv) Paddocking

(i) Always wear protective gear
(ii) Keep the beehive location near and tidy
(iii) ‚ÄčAvoiding certain smells and strong perfume

(i) Treatment of sick animals with coccidiostat
(ii) Raising poultry on wire/raised cages
(iii) Prophylactic use of coccidiostat in feeds

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