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(i) Constitutional division of power: Powers are constitutionally shared between the central authority and other component units.
(ii) Written and Rigid constitution: Codification of constitution on a single document/book which is difficult to amend.
(iii) Powers derived from the constitution: The three tiers of government derived their powers from the constitution.
(iv) Supremacy of the constitution: Constitution/law is strictly adhered as a regulation which everybody is subject to.
(v) Separation of power: Adoption of the theory of separation of power which enables the arms of government to function independently in order not to have clash of powers.

(i) Shortage of fund: The involvement of this organization in large scale operation affects its financial resources. This has created over time,shortage of funds.

(ii) Sovereignty of nation: The U.N.O cannot effectively enforce its decision because member states are not ready to surrender their sovereignty to the authority of the organization.

(iii) The veto power: Each of the five permanent members of the security council has a veto power. This could be used at times to satisfy their selfish interest at the expense of fulfilling the objectives of the organization.

(iv) Poverty: The inability of the united nation to effectively address the issue of poverty among member states.

(v) Difference in ideology: There difference in ideology, culture, politics and methods used in pursuing economic goal.This may negate the evolution of lasting peace in the world.

(i) Costly to run: The constitution operates a presidential system with duplication of political function thereby making it too expensive and costly.
(ii) Impeachment: The impeachment clause as stipulated in the constitution could be obeyed by the law makers.
(iii) Execution of programme: Separation of powers could result to delay in the implementation or carrying out of government programmes.
(iv) Activities in Government: This could be brought to stand-still because there was a problem between the executive and the legislature.
(v) Concentration of powers: The criticism that both executive president as both head of state and head of government has too much powers concentrated in him, creating the room for abuse of power.

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